Shoot the Moon is a product invention company founded in 1991 by David Small and Paul Rago.  David and Paul were both toy company executives when they decided to start their own invention company to service the toy industry as well as consumer products in general. Paul’s expertise is in product development and marketing while David’s expertise is in product development, engineering and manufacturing.

This product development team has developed, marketed and licensed consumer mega-hits such as Teddy Ruxpin, TV Teddy, Lazer Tag, Power Touch Books, Click Start-My First Computer, Elmo Live, Rock on Elmo, Fijit Friends and many more. 

Under the guidance of David and Paul, Shoot the Moon has developed and licensed well over 100 product lines into the marketplace accounting for roughly $2.5 Billion in retail sales. Shoot the Moon specializes in developing high volume electronic toys, consumer electronics and health and beauty/fitness products.

Shoot the Moon holds an extensive IP portfolio of utility patents, trademarks and copyrights. During Shoot the Moon's existence, it has licensed many new patented products that have launched entirely new industry categories such as television interactive products, CMOS imaging products, countless licensed food prep products, 15 Minute Battery charging for toys and consumer electronics...just to name a few!


Shoot the Moon employs some of the finest electrical engineers, product designers and mechanical/animation experts in the industry. The breadth of products that are developed by this talented invention team and the sales volumes generated by their inventions is truly staggering. 

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